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4 Types of Rental Property Inspections in Lake Havasu City

4 Types of Rental Property Inspections in Lake Havasu City

Handing the keys to a property you own over to a stranger is nerve-wracking. You do tenant screening but never know how that tenant will treat your property. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to protect your investment.

Performing rental property inspections ensures you and the tenant are on the same page about the property's condition. That way, you can hold your tenant accountable for any damage they may cause. Include these four inspections in your tenant management.

1. Move-In Inspection

A move-in inspection happens when you have a new tenant to place in your rental. Ideally, you and the tenant should do this inspection together. That way, you both can make notes about the property's condition.

If possible, take pictures or video of the rental. This will give you an accurate and true record of the rental's condition. Use an inspection checklist to ensure you do not miss anything.

2. Move-Out Inspection

At the end of your lease, the tenant will move out, and you will need to perform a move-out inspection. Bring the checklist that you filled out during the tenant's move-in. This is where you will see the fruit of your labor with thorough tenant screening.

A move-out inspection with a high-quality tenant will be pretty straightforward. The damage you will find will be normal wear and tear.

If you have a problematic tenant, you will likely find tenant-caused damage. Write down the damage on your checklist. If possible, take pictures and video of the damage. You can use this evidence to support your withholding of the security deposit.

3. Mid-Lease Inspection

You go through thorough tenant screening to ensure you place a high-quality tenant in your rental. You hope that they follow your lease terms. Routine rental inspections confirm that they do.

This could confirm that the people on the lease are the only ones living there. It could verify that the only animals living in the house are the ones that have gone through your pet screening.

In addition, mid-lease term inspections help you take better care of your property. Even the best tenants don't always inform you of property maintenance needs. Checking on the property enables you to identify maintenance and repair needs.

If the tenant has violated the lease, you must send them a Notice of Material Breach.

4. Drive-By Inspection

This is an informal type of inspection. The occasional drive-by inspection lets you monitor the condition of your property. However, you do not want to do this all the time, as it could hinder your tenant's right to peaceful enjoyment.

Under Arizona statutes, the tenant has a duty to maintain the property in good condition. You don't need to give the tenant advance notice if you don't stop and visit. Take note of the property's outside condition and keep driving.

Perform Rental Property Inspections

You need to protect your real estate investment by performing rental property inspections. Including these four inspections in your management will ensure you know what is happening with your property.

The team of property managers at Arizona Living Rentals and Property Management assists property owners with inspections. By letting the professional do them, you can trust that the inspections are thorough.

Trust the experts and let our property managers perform your property inspections.