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7 Proper Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Owners

7 Proper Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Owners

Property neglect is among the top 10 reasons why renters move. With renters always looking to move, you might not realize a decent return on investment from your Kingman rental property. Even more importantly, the cost of repairs after continued neglect will also eat into your rental income. To avoid such issues, you have to be proactive when dealing with maintenance in your property. This way, your renters will live comfortably, and you will extend the life of your unit without incurring costly repairs or making renovations within a short period. 

In this post, we have put together detailed maintenance tips from top Arizona property managers to keep your property in good shape.

1. Perform Routine Inspections

Come up with a property inspection schedule to avoid unexpected repairs. The most convenient time to carry out assessments is when you have a renter moving in or out. If you are a new investor, it's your chance to assess your unit's internal condition. Still, even if a tenant wants to renew their lease for another year, make sure you carry out some form of inspection.

Take your time and check for broken windows, rotting wood, water leaks, running or clogged toilets, and more. Note that renters will rarely notice some of these issues until it's too late, or they may fail to bring them to your attention. This will give you a chance to spot some of these problematic areas before the next renter comes in. Further, remember to assess your property's exterior, because tenants will most likely notice interior problems only.

If you do identify any problems, deal with them immediately. For complex issues, consult your Arizona property manager or a trustworthy handyman. This way, the structure of your unit stays sound all year round. Additionally, you will avoid costly repairs that may displace your renters for an extended period.

2. Hire a Property Assistant or Resident Manager 

You may choose to DIY some maintenance tasks on your property, but some jobs may require professionals such as plumbers. Additionally, if you have a large building, maintenance tasks might overwhelm you, and you may have to consider hiring a property assistant or resident manager

Once you have a professional who can assist you, they will devote most of their time to ensuring everything is in order. Some of their duties can include:

  • Communicating with the renters whenever there is a repair issue.
  • Making some quick and straightforward repairs such as clogged toilets.
  • Cleaning the property.
  • Making regular inspections and respond to any issues raised.
  • Covering hose bibbs to prevent freezing in pipes during winter.

3. Vet Your Vendors

The vendors you work with are responsible for bringing in new suppliers and doing some maintenance and replacements. It's always best to deal with reliable and professional people who won't wind up harming your renters with poor repairs. 

Make sure you screen them thoroughly, just like tenants. You can check for vital credentials such as licenses and insurance. You can also do some research for the top-rated vendors in Kingman.

4. Exterminate Regularly

Even if there are no signs of any insects or rodents within your rental property, make sure you spray regularly. Do it throughout the property as critters can quickly shift to other areas. While this is an added expense, it will save you the cost of expensive extermination, and help keep your renters happy.

5. Clean the Gutters

Make sure you constantly check the condition of your gutters. Leaves or other debris can easily clog them, which can lead to leaks in your property. When water gets trapped, it can find its way through the roof, around windows, through the foundation, or into the siding. You can also opt for gutter guards to prevent debris from accumulating in the gutter if you don't have time to clean it regularly.  

6. Change the Filters in Your Air Systems

Remember to change the filters in the heating or air conditioning units twice per year. If the filters are dirty, it causes the system to overwork and can easily malfunction, leading to more repair costs.

With routine filter changes, you will prevent the air duct from getting contaminated. If you have clogged ducts, you will have to call a professional technician at a fee to unclog it. Note that proper attention and care to your air systems keep your renters happy as it will help keep utility bills at a reasonable cost.

7. Set Aside a Maintenance Budget

While you may have followed all the steps mentioned above, it's a wise idea to have a contingency fund for a rainy day. Therefore, don't spend the entire monthly rental income without setting aside some for emergency maintenance. 

The standard rule is to save one percent of your property's value annually. Although the costs may vary, this will help avoid breaking the bank when unexpected repairs crop up. 

Key Takeaway

When you keep your rental property in optimal conditions, you increase its value while also attracting prospective renters. As a result, you will lower your vacancy expenses, and more tenants will want to extend their lease period. If you don't have the time to manage maintenance for your property or properties or want to ensure that your rentals are kept to the highest possible standard, you need expert Arizona Property Management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take over your maintenance management.