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Navigating the Challenges of Lease Enforcement: Tips for Landlords

Navigating the Challenges of Lease Enforcement: Tips for Landlords

There are more than 45 million rental units currently occupied in the United States. With so much competition, property owners must put their best foot forward to keep units rented.

This requires expertise in many different areas. These include marketing, tenant screening, property management, and lease enforcement. This final area demands a lot of attention to detail and legal knowledge.

This article covers some of the challenges associated with lease enforcement. It also provides some strategies to navigate them. Following these can help you get the best possible outcome for your real estate investment, while in full compliance with the law.

Comprehending Lease Laws

Every state has laws that protect landlords. There are also those that guarantee tenants' rights.

These include rental rules governing what you can or cannot include in a lease. If you put in an item that is not permissible, then the entire contract could be void.

That is why you must familiarize yourself with Arizona laws pertaining to leases. You should have an attorney versed in these matters examine it.

Another option is to have a property management company handle lease drafting for you. Experienced managers will ensure you are in full compliance with the law.

Effectively Managing Lease Violations

Similarly, there are standards for notifying tenants of any lease violations. In Arizona, for instance, the landlord must give the tenant written notice. You must describe the breach and include clear ways to remedy this issue.

You also have to include a timeline during which the tenant must respond and comply. There are laws regarding minimum windows landlords must grant (usually 10 days).

Following notice requirements is important for ensuring tenant rights. It also can protect the landlord down the road should eviction become warranted. In short, it provides a paper trail of violations and how the tenant responded.

Ensuring Clear Communication

Clear communication alone can go a long way toward rental lease enforcement. Simply because there are rules on violation notifications does not mean you are restricted from doing more. Taking steps to make sure tenants are aware of violations is vital.

In addition to formal notices, send them an email or give them a call. Having a conversation might give you information about potential hardships or other reasons for the violation. It also lets tenants know that they can work with you to find a solution.

Enforcing Rules

Being reasonable is perfectly acceptable as a landlord, especially for minor, one-time infractions. However, it is also important to be consistent when enforcing the rules. Whether it involves late rent payments, disturbing neighbors, property damage, or other issues, imposing penalties can be an effective way of enforcing the lease agreement.

Find Lake Havasu City Lease Enforcement Services

Now that you understand some of the ins and outs of navigating lease enforcement, you can proceed with confidence. Hiring a property management company is a great way to ensure effective lease enforcement that is within the bounds of the law.

At Arizona Living Rentals & Property Management, we understand the importance of finding the right match between tenant and owner. We value the considerations of both parties and will leverage our extensive expertise to find the right fit. Reach out to us today for more landlord advice or to schedule a free consultation about your Lake Havasu City property.