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Tenant Evictions in Lake Havasu City: A Guide for Landlords

Tenant Evictions in Lake Havasu City: A Guide for Landlords

Uh-oh. You have a bad tenant.

This might be someone who fails to pay rent or conducts illegal activities on your property. Either way, an eviction might be necessary.

Evictions in Lake Havasu City must follow a strict set of rules from Arizona state. This guide, alongside the help of a property management company, can break down the legal requirements and offer tips to stay compliant.

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Termination Notice

Evictions are tricky. You have to give the tenant a chance to repair their wrongings before officially beginning the eviction process.

Provide a notice of termination outlining the cause of the potential eviction. This may be:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Lease violations
  • Criminal activity

A rental property inspection is an ideal way to tell if tenants are abiding by the lease agreement terms.

The type of notice will depend on the reason for the notice. Generally, a tenant in Arizona has five days to cure the issue or move out.

Delivering the Termination Notice

Eviction laws in Arizona require the landlord to hand the written notice to the tenant or mail it certified.

The number of days a tenant has to comply starts on the day the tenant receives the notice. If a tenant doesn't receive the notice within five days after it's mailed, the compliance date starts after five days.

After the deadline, a landlord can file an eviction lawsuit if the tenant has not complied.

Filing an Eviction Lawsuit

Evicting a tenant is easier if they don't fight the lawsuit. A judge will automatically side with the landlord if the tenant doesn't show up to court.

However, a tenant may choose to defend themselves. The best landlord advice in this situation is to follow the laws. A tenant may fight the eviction if you have been neglecting your maintenance duties.

Don't physically remove the tenant or lock them out until the eviction process is complete.

Using the correct procedures to end the lease agreement is necessary. You also cannot retaliate against a tenant, even if they are in the wrong.

Possession of the Unit

If you win the eviction lawsuit, you will be issued a Writ of Restitution. This could take up to five days.

This document gives the tenant time to gather their belongings and vacate the premises themselves. Only a sheriff can remove a tenant by force, and a tenant who refuses to leave will likely be arrested.

Even if you win your case, this step is essential. You cannot use illegal eviction strategies to get the tenant out.

When you follow the laws, you'll be in possession of your unit legally and without consequences.

Handling Evictions With Property Management

Lake Havasu City landlords must use the proper channels to complete tenant evictions. If you are confused about the rules and regulations in Arizona, a property management company can help.

Not only can Arizona Living Rentals & Property Management help you navigate the eviction process, we can protect you from it. With our eviction protection plans and prompt re-renting, your income will be impacted as minimally as possible.

Screening and managing tenants throughout their leases can minimize the risk of an eviction. We offer unmatched customer service and follow ethical standards.

Contact us today to get started.